Soutsini Beach

Soutsini beach is a sandy beach a few meters from Kimi’s port.

The beach is the end of the mountain range of Kimi, with many pines at the edge of the rocks that offer natural shade.

Stomio Beach

It is a beach with a huge coastline in front of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. The seabed and the coast have small and large pebbles. Beach with enough waves, as it is very open.

Mourteri Beach

The beach of Mourteri is endless, with a total length of about 4 km. Α sandy beach with fine pebbles and absolutely clear, like all the beaches that stretch in front of the Aegean.

Kefala Beach

It is an extension of the beach of Mourteri and ends at the rock ‘Kefala’ which gives its name to this beach.

This rock with the features of a human face (eyes, nose and mouth), looks at the sea and it is the reference point on the beach. ‘Kefala’ in Greek language means ‘a big head’.

The beach has fine pebbles on the shore and pebbles with sand at the bottom of the sea.

Thapsa Beach

Thapsa beach is a very picturesque, but relatively inaccessible beach of the island. Arriving you can see a beautiful small bay with calm transparent waters and very fine sand. The landscape is very beautiful as the coast is located through a forest with tamarisk trees and steep slopes. The beach is not organized and it has calm waters.