How It Started

The rocks have always been there!

Several years ago a few Greek climbers discovered them and created some climbing routes in the area of Vrisi.

Very few people knew about this climbing spot.  And the years passed…

It was not until 2015, when a group of French climbers, located the area and recognized the unique quality and beauty of the rocks in the area of Manikia-Vrisi and the wider region of Kimi. They came in contact with the local authorities and with the support of the Municipality of Kimi-Aliveri started all the approval and licensing procedures by all the relative authorities. So, the story finally begins in October 2018, when the team of the French volunteer climbers started to work on the first routes. By the end of 2019, they completed 350 routes and the goal is for many more as continually new routes are set.

The local community and the Municipality of Kimi – Aliveri have embraced this project. The residents of the entire area of Manikia – Vrisi – Kimi have established an association to support the project, and in full cooperation with the Municipality we all move forward together.

Let’s go for CLIMBING!


The philosophy of this project is to designate climbing and all the rest activities  as a tool for the touristic and economic development of  the local community, BUT with absolute respect to the inhabitants’ way of life and definitely the environment protection.

Climbing Rules & Guidelines

Obviously addressing rules and guidelines to climbers seems pointless. But respecting a few things gives to all of us the opportunity to enjoy the rocks in harmony with the local community and natural spaces which welcome us in the valley of  Manikia. 

  • Park your car at the dedicated places
  • Respect the path leading to crags
  • As much as possible, use your carabiners in top rope
  • Return your waste including loo paper, don’t throw your cigarette butts, etc…
  • Bolting modifications are strictly forbidden
  • Please use the organized camping areas that are available in the area. Let’s avoid wild camping and let’s follow all the safety procedures (i.e. no fire, no waste, etc)


Please, buy and use the official climbing guide which funds bolting development, paths and sectors clearance and maintenance exclusively.

You can get the guide from the local shops of the area or if you like to deliver it to you, please send an e-mail to us.


Please use the organized camping places that are available in the area. Let’s avoid wild camping and let’s follow all the safety procedures
(i.e. no fire, no waste, etc).

According to the philosophy of this project we need to respect all natural and human environments (land properties, wildlife, fields, herds, paths).


Please avoid wild camping and let’s follow all safety procedures (e.g. no fire, no waste, etc.).

In keeping with the philosophy of this project, we must respect all natural and human environments
(land properties, wildlife, fields, herds, paths).

Please find organised camping areas at the Camping section of our website.

Let’s all help to maintain a beautiful and natural environment!!


Rescue Team is under development and not active yet.

So please have in mind that in case of any emergency you need to call :

Police: 100 or (+30) 22220 22200

Hospital of Kimi: (+30) 22223 50118

Fire Station: 199 or (+30) 22220 22199



From the beginning of « Manikia Project », all routes setters guys respect a strict bolting procedure. Manikia project association asks all new route setters to respect this strict bolting charter. Main options are:

  • Due to the fact that Manikia is close to the sea, avoid corrosion issues on bolts by using the right materials. It could be highly dangerous for climbers and lead to rebolt routes again. In all overhanging cliffs, yellow / red rocks, corrosion problems occur on stainless steel, even 316L and from separate providers. So in these areas ALWAYS bolt with titanium bolts. Even if it is twice the stainless steel price. In grey slab, where rain comes often, 316L looks OK and can be used. On stainless steel expansion bolts, remove the ring and place it only with a hanger and expansion bolt. The ring often causes corrosion and is useless. Use only the same material for all route parts, bolt and belay. When drilling holes for expansion bolts, always drill a minimum of 2 cm more than bolt length.
  • Set logical routes. Sometimes not straight one. No chipping hold and no glue to create hold
  • Respect a minimum distance between two routes. One right hand hold should not be used as a left hand hold for the next route.
  • Remove all large or small poor rock which could fall on climbers. In case you’re working above manikia road, be very careful. Place a friend on the road to stop cars if big rocks may fall on the road.
  • Placement and distance between two bolts must limit dangerous falls, as much as possible. Remember that there is no helicopter safety service in Greece.
  • Give all information to the association : name, height, grade, bolts number, bolt quality, belay quality, glue reference in case of glue in bolt.


Route setter guy has an obligation of means. He must do the maximum to limit risks inherent to climbing sport

In case one route does not respect this charter, the manikia project association may unbolt it.

Two titanium bolt supplier: LAPPASclimbing (Greece) TITANclimbing (UK)

If you are interested in drilling a route, please send an email (the subject of the email should be “Interested in bolting new routes”) to Manikia Project Association with the following personal info along with your experience in drilling: Name / Phone / E-mail 





10 multipitches routes are already open at Manikia & Mpougazi climbing area.
These routes are going to be the special particularity of Manikia’s crags.

Enjoy Climbing with Cycling

Cycling in the area is something you can enjoy, as there are excellent routes.
Even for a climber it could be a great option to get around the various climbing areas.
Especially the use of an electric bike (e-bike) makes it possible to access almost all climbing sectors.
In this way, enjoyment is combined with environmental protection and protection of private land.

Less car traffic, less parking problems, protection of paths, plants and animals in the area.
One can have one’s own bikes or rent one locally.

Let’s all do our best for the area!!!!