Cycling fans can find in the area all riding styles and levels. There is a wide trail network for mountain biking and hiking tracks and several less challenging rides. Mediocre as well as demanding trails
crossing mountains and forests leading to the most beautiful beaches.

Mountain biking development is also the milestone of many challenges. All types of riders are gathering here every year, recognising Kimi as a popular destination for downhill racing.

Last but not least, “Tank Trail – Kimi Waterjump Splash Contest” event takes place every summer at the port of Kimi.  BMX riders, jumping into the water at this spectacular show, are fascinating the crowds.

You can find more information about trails, races and events at “Tank Trail – Kymi Sports & Culture Association” website and Social Media &

Enjoy Climbing with Cycling

Cycling in the area is something you can enjoy, as there are excellent routes.
Even for a climber it could be a great option to get around the various climbing areas.
Especially the use of an electric bike (e-bike) makes it possible to access almost all climbing sectors.
In this way, enjoyment is combined with environmental protection and protection of private land.

Less car traffic, less parking problems, protection of paths, plants and animals in the area.
One can have one’s own bikes or rent one locally.

Let’s all do our best for the area!!!!