Falls & Springs


Waterfall of Manikia is a point of imposing beauty. It is about 15 meters high and forms pools where one can swim.

The visitor has two options to get there.

The first option is to follow a hiking trail of about 50 minutes. The route is marked with red signs. The initial part of the path is without shade, but then the river accompanies the hiker and in several places has to cross it. The final spectacle absolutely compensates the visitor!

The second option is to drive to the church of Agios Ioannis and then walk a distance of about 15 minutes. The hike is all by the river, which should be crossed.

But…there is one more extreme scenario!! 

You can follow a completely different path, reach at the top of the waterfall and finally enjoy rappeling!!


Kolethra is a large spring with rushing water surrounded by wonderful tree environment on the way between Vrisi and Agios Vlassios villages. This spring is located at the root of an imposing rock that hides a cave, which often attracts cave divers. In 2013, after numerous diving missions to the source, a Greek diving team achieved the Panhellenic record of a siphon and explored the cave to an unbelievable length of 1500 meters.

The visitors can enjoy the natural beauties resting in an recreation area consisted by stone tables and wooden seats.


This abandoned Mill is located near the village Androniani. The watermill stopped operating around 1965. In this area, in addition to the watermill, there is a waterfall and two stone arched bridges, made by Epirote craftsmen, around the end of the 19th century, for the communication of the mill with the neighboring villages.

A magical route. We walk the path that starts from the farm Platanenhof and leads to the Mill of Santa. Hiking in a wooded area with dense vegetation, hydrophilic plants and trees, especially plane trees, fig trees, olive and walnut trees . As we approach to the mill, we will pass through a beautiful stone path.