How to Reach

The wide area of Manikia – Vrisi -Kimi  is located very close to Athens and it has an easy access. It is a 2 – 2.5 hours drive.

There are two possible ways to get there from Athens:

  • Total Road way 

Use the National Road of Athens – Lamia and take the exit for Chalkis (at 70 km of the national road). Reaching at Chalkis town follow the way for South Evia & Kimi. The total route is about 170 km.


  • Use the Ferry Boat

Use the National Road of Athens – Lamia and take the exit for Oropos / Eretria (at 36 km or 40 km of the national road). Your reach at Oropos port, take the ferry boat and after 30 minutes you are in Eretria port. Then follow the exit for Kimi. The total route is about 120 km. 

The ferries timetable is daily:

  • every half hour from June to October and
  • every one hour from November to May.


If you don’t have a car, you can come with the bus service of Interurban Bus from Athens.

Athens Bus Station: (+30) 210 8317153, 210 8317163
Kimi Bus Station: (+30) 22220 22257

For international visitors arriving by plane and wanting to travel Manikia area by bus: 

In order to arrive from the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport to Manikia and the surrounding area by public transport you have to take a bus from the Liosia Intercity Bus Station.  

There are three travel options from the airport to the bus station: 

  • The first option is a taxi. Taxis are easy to find outside the arrivals area and cost around 30-40 €. In the taxi you will ask to be taken to the Liosia Intercity Bus Station (for Evia). 
  • The second option is the city bus which also starts from the airport arrivals area, and you will find it on your exit on the right. There is a ticket office there to get your ticket. You will find the timetable of each bus at the link:  You will take bus X93 and get off at the bus stop called “Bus Station Liosia”. The route is about 1 hour. 
  • The third option is to use the Metro but there is not a direct line and as a result you need to change lines and also walk a distance. 


More details about the Metro option: Exiting the arrivals area you cross the street and head towards  electric escalators. Go up the stairs and on the right, you will find the entrance to the Metro station. There you can get a ticket. Then stand on the platform in the direction of ‘Nikaia’(Blue Line 3). Get off at the Monastiraki station and from there take the Green Line 1 towards Kifissia. You will get off at the station ‘Kato Patisia’. When you exit you will head to the street of ‘Stratigou Kalari’ and walk about 200 meters, turn left and in 100 meters you will find the Liosia Intercity Bus Station. 


From Liosia intercity bus station   

The stop where the travellers must leave the bus depends on where the accommodation of the visitor is. The most common stops would be the Chania/Avlonari stop and the Kimi stop which is also the ending point of the bus line. The previous stops are offering the possibility to take a taxi to bring you to your accommodation place or do some grocery shopping. The schedule of the buses is as below from September until May and some more routes are added during the summer months (June to August).  


During weekdays:  

Athens to Chania-Avlonari: 11:00/13:30/17:00/19:00 

Athens to Kimi: 11:00/13:30/17:00 


During weekends: 

Athens to Chania-Avlonari: 08:15/11:00/13:30/17:00/19:00 

Athens to Kimi: 08:15/11:00 


The visitors are advised to visit the: